'Hogtie' implementation returns

VAN – ÖHP member lawyer Ümit Dede said “ Hogtie implementation is put in practice towards the politic prisoners in Van T Type Prison. My client said ‘ the torturer said us that we are not guards of the prison. The prison will be the real prison and don’t forget our face” said lawyer Dede.

Libertarian Lawyers Initiative (ÖHP) member Ümit Dede visited the Van T Type Prison after politic prisoner Ferit Hasçelek’s family applied to lawyer to visiting the prison for complaining of torture against their son. According to family, Hasçelek was subjected to torture when he refused to naked body searching. Dede “Incident happened last Friday on January 7 . Despite the four days later I visited my client, he has still got a black eye and some scars on his body. According to my client, incident starts when prisoners transferred from F Type to T Type prison. Authorities imposed to naked body searching of prisoners but they refused it due to violation of human rights. Then authorities started to assault to prisoners. Then my client’s hand and leg was cuffed from behind and tied up as hogtie method which is known Turkish Hezbollah’s methods in 1990’s. After hogtied my client they beat him until he lost his consciousness” said lawyer Dede.

“According to my client Hasçelenk, the torturers were not guards of prison. They were special trained people and these people could even raked the warden over the coals. They had told ‘We are not guards of prison and this prison will be a real prison. Don’t forget our face’ to my client. We already told my client to file a criminal complaint. He will do. We also keep to make attempt on Justice Ministry and public prosecution office” said lawyer Dede.