'Resolution of Syria Crisis is Federation'

KOBANÊ – Democratic Federalism of the Northern Syria organization committee’s member Ferhat Derik “ Resolution of Syria crisis is federation system. We aim to bring all peoples enemy each other side by side and this is possible by democratic federation” said Derik.

One of the strongest possibility for Syria’s future is Northern Syria Federation works is continuing with participations of different diversities group. A member of Northern Syria Federation’s Committee Ferhat Derik said that project will be milestone of on Syria crisis.

“ It shouldn’t be thought that Rojava’s name will stay. Because Northern Syria name involves to Rojava and all other regions. There is no only Kurds in this region but also Arabs, Turkmens, Assyrians, Circassia are living. Therefore this name is more suitable” said Derik.

“ Many assaults were launched against our system which we aim to improve. They wanted to us to bring the lines of regime and Islamic group. We never step back for our people. We began with democratic autonomy’s aim and we want to improve it as democratic federation.

Derik also shows the Ba’athism regime as responsible for Syria crisis gets deeper. “ Regime is a system which connected with dictatorship and ıt aims to develop policies with nationalism and religious. This situation creates a monist society. But the system we aim to develop is not only from a side. The system we offer is involving different politic minds and opinions. Neither we nor they can resolve completely the Syria crisis. Only togetherness can be cure of the crisis” mentioned Derik.