Soldiers' bodies who executed by ISIL taken

ADANA – Executed Turkish soldiers’ funerals was brought to their hometown. Sergeants Kıvanç Kaşıkçı and Muhammet Duran Keskin had been taken as hostages by ISIL and after one and half months executed.

Officials had announced that Contact was lost with sergeants Kıvanç Kaşıkçı and Muhammet Duran Keskin from 29 November 2016 as part of Euphrates Shield Operation conducted by Turkish Armed Forces. It had been claimed that sergeants Kıvanç and Keskin had been captured as wounded by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levants (ISIL) and a video had been realized which viewed the execution of two soldiers . Funeral of Kıvanç was sent Çanakkale and Keskin’s was sent Adana.