One of the civilians was minibus driver who lost hislife in blast hit

İSTANBUL – One of the seven civilians who lost their life in blast hit was identified. Civilian name is Velat Demiroğlu 24-year-old from Diyarbakır and he was minibus driver.

İnterior Minister Süleyman Soylu had stated that 30 police and seven civilians had lost their life in blast hit. Velat Demiroğlu is one of the victim who lost his life in blast hit. Demiroğlu was a minibul driver and he lost his life in blast hit while he was waiting for traffic lights. Demiroğlu was from Çınar-Diyarbakır.

Demiroğlu had shared a comment about Ankara Explosion on social media. “ We don’t want to any death whatever ideology they have . There is nothing more important than human life” had wrote Demiroğlu.