She searches her husband since 43 days after he kidnaped

ANKARA – Emine Özben looking her husband lawyer Mustafa Özben who is claimed to being kidnaped. Özben “ Despite there are witnesses and video from security camera that my husband was kidnaped , police and judgment didn’t investigate the case clearly” said.

11 more people were kidnaped claim was put on the agenda by CHP lawmakers by given parliamentary question. According to claims, most kidnaped people were tasked at the critical service of the state departments and dismissed after failed coup attempt of July 15 and investigation was launched towards them.

Mustafa Özben who is lawyer in Ankara had been worked at the Law Department Turgut Özal University before he was discharged. According to Özben’s wife Emine Özben who spoke to dihaber, her husband left from house by his car to take her daughter to school on May 9. Then her husband was kidnaped by three people while he was returning from bank to his car.

“ When I heard my husband was kidnaped, I spoke to witness of when my husband was kidnaped and demand to prosecutor for investigation that my husband was kidnaped” said wife Özben.

According to Emine Özben, her husband was kidnaped by three masked people with black transporter vehicle.

“ Two days after my husband was kidnaped around 22.00 a number called me up. I heard my husband voice and I started to shake when I heard his voice. Then he asked how are his mother, father and he loves us. Then he told something else but I couldn’t understand before phone was closed. It was obvious that he was concerning about his life” said wife Emine Özben.

“ After 24 hours passed, I went to police station, but police didn’t convince that my husband was kidnaped. They told me ‘my husband might ran away and hide. Because your husband is wanted by police’. I didn’t know my husband was wanted by police. Therefore police didn’t do anything about my husband despite video camera and witnesses.

CHP (Republic People Party) lawmaker of Istanbul Sezgin Tanrıkulu and vice chair of the Assembly Human Rights Commission Şenal Sarıhan had asked to parliamentary. Tanrıkulu “ It is clearly understood that people are kidnaped in Ankara by some people who takes their power from authorities. Because they have brave to kidnap people in day” said to dihaber.

Deniz Nazlım - dihaber