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18:24 Actual Demirtaş and Yüksekdağ risk up to between 83-142 years in jail
15:45 Actual Co-workers of detained journalists : We will pick them up from here
15:04 Actual 16 people detained ongoing operations
14:15 Actual MHP member Aslan taken into custody on charge of "humiliating the president"
14:01 Actual Trustee appointed to Muradiye Municipality
19:40 Actual Three police killed in explosion in Diyarbakır
17:25 Actual Dead Êzidî crosses the border but not alive
16:57 Actual Jaournalist Turan released by decision of the judicial control
15:54 Actual Garo Paylan applies constitutional court to cancel the ban
14:51 Actual taken into custody journalist questioned today
14:50 Actual Assasination of Dink's suspect Yılmazer : We were appointed by Erdoğan
14:49 Actual Released video about Sur on agenda of the assembly
13:03 Actual Muradiye co-mayor taken into custody
12:50 Actual Turkish cargo plane crashed nearby Bishkek
16:40 Actual Imprisoned Mardin Co-mayor Ahmet Türk transferred from Silivri Prison
16:23 Actual Journalists Dayan and Çiçekçi : We will start to hunger strike
16:16 Actual Iraq Prime Minister Abadi : We will not fight against PKK
13:15 Actual Öcalan^s Lawyer : CPT should declare the İmralı Prison report
12:49 Actual Bilgen: We will build up a referendum campaign on 'No'
17:56 Actual HDP withdraws from Constitution negotiate for today
15:20 Actual 450 Chinese employees hired to Şirvan Copper Mine
14:25 Actual A video shows up how civilians evacuated by humiliating and abusing by soldiers
14:24 Actual Prisoners launch hunger strike against installed cameras on private spaces
13:35 Actual Garo Paylan : I pointed out the mistakes of the past
13:22 Actual Taken into custody journalists' case prosecutor denies to negotiate with lawyers
13:22 Actual Military Operation in Bitlis : Two soldiers lost their lifes
14:47 Actual An explosion occurred in fabric: one worker dead , 15 workers wounded
12:33 Actual Reaction against detentions : We will not silence
10:58 Actual Police raid to Muradiye Municipality : 16 people detained
10:57 Actual Discharged teachers sell village products
09:56 Actual Baluken : The place I should be now is the Assembly
16:23 Actual 28 citizens detained in Cizere
15:27 Actual There is no statement about crashed F-16 but threatment
15:25 Actual Killed at the Antep Attack Kasar's bodies taken by the family
13:22 Actual 'Hogtie' implementation returns
13:01 Actual Prosecutor demands heavy imprisonment life for deputy of CHP
12:38 Actual TAK claims responsibility for attack in İzmir
12:06 Actual Karakoçan co-mayors released
12:05 Actual Appointed trustee hires AKP members in the place of discharged employees
10:46 Actual 'Resolution of Syria Crisis is Federation'
15:53 Actual Gunfire heard nearby Gaziantep Police Headquarter
15:36 Actual Demonstrations and marches banned for one month in Ankara
15:35 Actual Bilgen : If you allow us we decide to say how we will vote to ‘No'
12:26 Actual Imprisoned journalist Dayan kept in a single cell
11:56 Actual Soldiers' bodies who executed by ISIL taken
11:55 Actual Öcalan's Lawyer : İmralı’s law is outspreaded to whole Turkey
17:11 Actual Protesting against demolishing the monument of Roboski
15:19 Actual Demirtaş : Constitution proposal can't be negotiate without imprisoned PMs
14:32 Actual Protestors blocked in front of the Assembly
13:27 Actual Trustees appointed to Viranşehir and Bozova Municipality

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